We are looking forward to welcoming guests back to Willow Tree Farm and offer reassurance that we are doing all that we can to keep you and your family safe throughout your stay. Our cleanliness has always been of the highest standard. We are ensuring that government guidelines and policies are followed and that we are keeping up to date with and implementing any changes with immediate effect.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries or concerns.

Booking & Payment

Please contact us directly to book – either by phone or email. We will then answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Booking forms will be sent and will need to be returned by email or post in advance to limit contact on your arrival.

Wherever possible we would prefer payment by bank transfer in advance – card payments can be taken if necessary, the machine being wiped with sanitiser between staff and guests. Invoices will be sent on booking providing our bank details.

If you need to cancel due to continuing restrictions we will, of course, be happy to either defer your booking or refund in full. Should you need to defer your booking we will not ask you to commit to an alternative date and will simply provide a credit of any monies already received against another booking within the next 12 months (this will be extended if the situation takes longer to resolve than currently predicted).


We take pride greeting our guests on arrival and showing them to their room – unfortunately, this is not allowed at present.

Please ring or WhatsApp us on arrival (details are on the conservatory window.)

Keys (sanitised) will be left in the rooms/cottage and we will verbally guide you to your room.

If you require bags to be carried to your room, please inform us before your arrival we can then ensure that they are placed in your room before you enter the house/cottage.

In our Guest Information folder, you will find information about our Farm, local services and places to eat (please check that they are open for dining or take-away). Living in the Farmhouse we are always around to have a quick chat (from a distance outdoors or by phone) to provide further information.


At Willow Tree Farm we pride ourselves in the homeliness of our B&B with comfortable surroundings. However, to reduce risk, soft furnishings will be reduced to a minimum.

Mr Bumble’s Barn is situated adjoining the Farmhouse but has its own separate entrance and garden and it is, therefore, easier to social distance from ourselves and other guests. Hand sanitiser has been placed at the gate and should be used before entering and leaving.

We will be minimising the number of guests we have to reduce risk. We ask that you are considerate to other guests when meeting them in our corridors and respect social distancing by waiting in your room or moving out of the way until they have passed.

Hand sanitisers are placed at the front door and hallway and should be used before entering the house or dining rooms. We also provide hand sanitiser in the rooms for your use.

We will continue to provide tea, coffee etc. as well as toiletries in the rooms and cottage but again these will be at a minimum and replenished on request to save waste – all will be disposed of at changeover.


With a reduced number of guests, we can offer separate breakfast rooms which will be assigned to each guestroom for the length of your stay. A continental breakfast can be served to your room if preferred or, if the sun is shining, breakfast can be served outdoors!

Breakfast will be ordered digitally – we can provide disposable menus if necessary.

Food will be served to a counter to reduce the need for close contact with guests and plates will be handled with disposable napkins. Staff will be equipped with PPE.

Whilst we endeavour to maintain high standards all condiments and preserves will be served in individual disposable containers. Toasters will be provided with fresh bread which will be replenished on request to reduce waste.

Most of our local pubs and restaurants are providing a takeaway service which we are happy for you to eat here and provide you with cutlery etc. We provide packed lunches and have placed picnic benches around the farm for your use.

A simple, wholesome home cooked evening meal may be possible with prior arrangement – please request on booking.


At Willow Tree Farm Holidays we only have 3 members of staff in our team – Myself (Liz) my husband (Neil) and our Housekeeper. We are all familiar with the Government guidelines & policies and are committed to keeping both you and us safe.


Our priority is to ensure that our team are kept as safe as you are. Rigorous hand washing and use of alcohol-based sanitizer regularly is a given and everyone will be wearing face coverings, disposable gloves and aprons whilst in the rooms and cottage (a separate set for each room/cottage)If any of the team are presenting any of the Covid-19 symptoms, however minor, they will not return to work until a minimum of 7 days after symptoms have ceased or they have had a negative test.

Approved professional disinfectants, and antibacterial products will be used with disposable cloths.


All surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected with approved antibacterial products. High touch zones/high traffic areas will be sanitised at least twice a day (including door handles, light switches, stair rails etc.) We aim to ensure any items in the B&B rooms are safe for you to touch but ask that you do not touch any pictures or ornaments downstairs unnecessarily.

Our selection of games and DVDs & books will still be available for loan, but we request that they are placed on the table in the hallway after use so that they can be cleaned or quarantined for at least 72 hours before putting back in their place. This also applies to any toys or books for children.


All surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected with approved antibacterial products (including kettles, fridges, remote controls etc)

Our guest information folders and instruction sheets will be wiped down with antibacterial wipes.

All bedding (including mattress, pillow protectors and throws) and towels will be washed on the highest possible temperature with biological detergent and a fabric antibacterial to ensure maximum hygiene. These will be rotated to allow quarantine time. If you would rather bring your own bedding or towels please let us know in advance.

Soft furnishings will be kept to a minimum and rotated. Fabric disinfectant spray will be used.

The cottage is well stocked with cleaning/antibacterial products and hand sanitiser.


Strict guidelines will be implemented concerning food preparation and cleaning. To enable social distancing Neil and myself will be working together in the kitchen and front of house (help!!).

Appropriate PPE will be used and, as always, a strict hand washing regime is in place.

All utensils, crockery and cutlery will go through the dishwasher at a high temperature.

We use local suppliers who we know well. All goods will be thoroughly cleaned before entering the kitchen and stored appropriately.

We have been awarded a 5-star hygiene rating from our local Council

Our Farm

The Farm offers an escape from the stresses of everyday life in beautiful surroundings with plenty of fresh air and places to roam. Being close to nature and animals is known to improve well-being. If you do not wish to venture out you can stay at the farm, play with the animals, meander through the woods or sit by the pond with a book. You could even help us feed or muck out!

We have provided hand sanitisers and hand wash facilities around the farm and on the entrance. Please ensure that these are used frequently. We want you to enjoy being close to our pets, but Covid-19 can be passed on by touching animals. Ensuring your hands are clean is important as spraying the animals with antibac is not advised!

Gate latches, BBQs, outdoor furniture and such like will be appropriately disinfected regularly.

Horse Holidays

Following the Equine Flu outbreak last year, we have already increased our biosecurity around horses which will continue. When booking a horse holiday our policy on this will be sent to you and will include guidelines for Covid-19.

Holiday horses and livery horses are kept separately and away from our own. We do not allow our guests to venture near your horses or the stable yard to minimise the risk of either disease.

Hand sanitisers are to be used before you enter the stable yard. The tack/feed room, stable doors and gates will be disinfected regularly but please keep your tack and equipment in your lorry or trailer where possible.

Your Responsibilities

We would request that if you or any member of your party have any of the Covid-19 symptoms, or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive with the virus in the last 14 days, you advise us of this before your stay. The same is also true if you develop symptoms whilst you are here – please let us know so we can manage any risk effectively. We hope this addresses any potential concerns and reassures that we are taking appropriate measures to assure your safety. We will continue to keep up to date with new advice and adjust our protocols as necessary.

We are testing ourselves twice a week and would encourage guests to do a test before arrival.